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The mammoths and other animals colonised the region after the Flood during the ice age.The region’s climate during the ice age was ideal for rapid population growth and, in the 600 or so years before their demise, the population had grown to many millions of animals.Apart from formerly glaciated areas, woolly mammoth remains are abundant in the surficial sediments of the mid and high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, including western Europe, northern and eastern Asia, Alaska and the Yukon.There are probably millions of mammoths buried in the permafrost of Siberia alone.that ate a wide variety of herbaceous vegetation, mainly grasses.

Their east-west distribution is generally uniform, except that they are especially abundant in northeast Siberia.There are many perplexing aspects to the Siberian mammoth finds, including the existence of frozen carcasses and the good preservation of their stomach contents.In addition, a number of the carcasses and skeletons have been unearthed in a general For carcasses to be frozen and the bones and tusks well preserved, quick burial is necessary.It is likely that they are all descended from a single created kind.In general, there seem to be two main varieties of mammoths on both Eurasia and North America.

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