Cybersex male chatbots

At the time, I presented my findings about two virtual agent technology companies that I’d researched: My Cber Twin and Chatbots4

Both companies have gone through some changes since I tried them out over a year ago.

A recent peek led me to believe that the site is no longer G or even PG-rated, if you get my drift. All of this evidence leads to an obvious question: is it a wide-spread “nerdy guy” fantasy to engage in explicitly adult conversation with a computer software program masquerading as Venus?

What, I wonder, is the deal with all these girl bots and the penchant of young male botmasters for lewd conversation? If we assume that the answer is yes, the next question would be: why?

and everyone knows the best place to talk to horny guys is on dalnet irc sex channels.

Update, Zed sez, A bot on a MUD was horndogged by an individual for two weeks without him getting it.

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my friend reduz found a version of 'eliza' that could go on IRC. a lot of people from other countries thought it was a real woman, so naturally they tried to have sex with it. jenny18 is very horny and she loves talking to horny guys.

Web Sites where the user can create their own Chat Bot for Free or for a fee.

Personal and Professional applications for such uses as Customer Service Agents and On-Line Assistance.

But it turns out there’s more to the story; most of those women were not only fake accounts, they were robots designed to make the site’s millions of male customers think women were actively talking to them.

The numbers in Gizmodo’s new round of research really say it all: More than 70,000 fembots sent more than 20 million emails to male members and chatted with customers more than 11 million times.

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