Cyrano online dating

Those involved counter that it's simply a way to help people present themselves in the best possible light during the 'screening process', something that may not come naturally to many online daters.Whatever the view, the services of the cyber Cyrano are proving to be recession-proof business – people will always be looking for love!Trends suggest that people enlisting the services of a cyber Cyrano are often successful professionals who don't have the time or the ability to put together a profile which represents them in the most appealing way.

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Enter the cyber-Cyranos: "professionals" who rewrite your personal ads …' Somewhere, out there, there's the person who is just right for you, that soul mate, that life partner who you should grow old with.

And if you’re currently courting a professional, mid-30s Asian woman, read her witty quips carefully.

They might come from a hired hand penning her responses.

Roxane falls for the poetic charm of the letters, but believes that they were written by Christian.

by Kerry Maxwell, author of Brave New Words Read last week's Buzz Word.

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