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A later statement from the Moscow-based Investigative Committee confirmed that two men aged 22 and 27 had been detained in connection with the attack.One of the suspects has a criminal history, the statement said.The men “lured the man in his car to a deserted part of the forest.There, the eldest man stabbed the victim multiple times in the chest, face and neck, and two others kicked him.” Lastly, prosecutors said the perpetrators placed the 29-year-old victim in his car and the set the vehicle alight with petrol.However, these attacks and others like them have had a longstanding history.In the following Pink News catalogue of anti-gay stories in Russia, we take yet another look at some of the most shocking events to date, from the newspaper editor fined for printing “being gay is normal” this year, to the earliest incidents covered by this site, such as when the gay rights activist Peter Tatchell was punched in the face at a 2007 pride parade.

A Russian newspaper editor was fined 50,000 roubles (£860) last month under the ‘gay propaganda’ law for printing that “being gay is normal”.Mr Myra told Russian website Medusa: 'I don't know how I can be propagating anything. The only thing that could probably confuse somebody is that my ear is pierced.'However, the store's director said that he was unsure about how customers would have reacted to Mr Mrya.He told Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta: 'Our customers are tough guys.A Russian man was refused a job because he 'looks gay' - with bosses claiming his well-groomed appearance suggested he would promote 'non-traditional sexual relations'.Eduard Myra was rejected for a position at LLC Hardcore, but when he asked for feedback he was told his 'feminine manner' had cost him the job.

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