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Chloe Setter, head of advocacy, policy and campaigns at Ecpat UK, urgedthat despite heightened awareness of the issue among police and professionals, large swathes of the public still are not aware of the exploitation within cannabis supply chains.“Ecpat has been receiving referrals about children from Vietnam exploited in cannabis cultivation for more than a decade yet this is still a shock to many who use marijuana in the UK,” she told “In our experience, many vulnerable young people from Vietnam are treated as criminals before they are seen as victims of modern slavery, which only re-traumatises them and makes it more difficult to gain their trust.They warned that children as young as 13, many of whom are from Vietnam as well as a number of other countries including the UK, are being identified as victims of slavery and recorded on the national database, but sliding back into exploitation within weeks or even days. There are so many shades in life as one travels lifes sexual journey.“When a potential victim is found in a scenario that would suggest they are complicit in a crime, such as a cannabis factory, we must consider whether this is something they have chosen to do or that they have no other option than to do.“If it is the latter, then there is a high chance they are a victim of modern slavery.” Jane Slater, Campaign Manager Anyone’s Child, an organisation campaigning for safe drug control, who will also be speaking at the launch, warned that the “poor and marginalised” were bearing the brunt of the UK’s current approach to drugs.“We want this film to help inform frontline workers about the rights of child victims of trafficking, as well as to reach out to children in Vietnam who may be at risk.” Phil Brewer, lead police officer for the Metropolitan Police’s Modern Slavery and Kidnap Unit, who will be speaking at the launch event, told ”Modern slavery remains a largely hidden crime.

Of all the potential trafficking victims who were forced into cannabis cultivation, 96 per cent were from Vietnam, and 81 per cent of these were children.A submissive/sex slave role play offers Masters, Mistresses and Submissive a heightened sense in the mutual pleasures that emerge.Asian Slave Club, established in 1973 as part of the Luxury Holidays Group, is a time proven credible international Submissive and BDSM dating service.The escort agency has a high reputation of presenting high quality submissive escorts and couples as requested.As a result, long standing relationships with clients continue to be established and maintained.

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