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I think it's cold enough now, but still have the feeling of swallowing a mouthful of bubblegum and being stuck in my windpipe, turns my stomach. I loved it so much, I was afraid to use it very often.

Really reminds me of being sick, or food poisoning, so I can say it is a colder relative of Poison, food poison. If Lancome is going to make scents that smell like celebrity scents they shouldnt charge so much. it was sweet, it was thick, it was different from my usuals. i tucked it away into the deepest part of my closet. I felt so elegant wearing it and I have awesome memories (Paris in late fall) wearing this. My latest bottle is every bit a performer as my first one from 2005/6. I just want to lay down under it and enjoy all its sensuality and warm upon my skin...elegant, sensual, womanly, highly attractive.

My skin loves vanilla & i love this kind of creamy vanilla that doesn't hurt my nose & headache inducing. if you have doubts (as I did, almost gave it away, keep trying, it grows on you, so very feminie and delightful sweet in a fresh way, not syrpy-y at all. I'm glad I own this and would repurchase without a doubt.

Bottle 7/10 Its an impossible smoothie of vanilla beans and white florals. Sometimes I like wearing fragrances based on my mood, others based on the weather or season but sometimes I don't care about any of those things and just wear what I want, and whenever I want because I know I always smell nice with these amazing fragrances (not to sound cocky at all) because I'm very much aware that there are people who loathe the smell of vanilla.

But it's more like sweet/creamy-fresh vanilla blossom on my skin. It's a sultry, unusual, deep, rich, mysterious fragrance that lives up to its name. I don't view this as a sexy number, much like Miracle it's Girly not Sassy! update: well who would have thought this perfume would become such a favourite!

After 5 to 6 hours later, there some powdery-woody-musky going out to join the party & make it smells more hypnotic. I think it's perfect for a date or intimate session. perfect for work/everyday, it's cold sugar flowery scent gets more enjoyable with each wear. The sugar gives way to passion flower in a cool and ultra feminie way.

The dry down ends up miles away from the first spritz. One of the few vanilla fragrances I will wear in summer. I find it very bright and cheerful versus my typical bold, dark fragrances. I do smell a slight banana vibe in the beginning but that quickly disappears. I like to wear this during the day in winter when I'm with my boyfriend.

Longevity and silage are very good without being overwhelming. I sometimes get the banana thing with tuberose fragrances too but this doesn't list Tuberose and if it is in there somewhere it's a VERY small hint blended really well. It ends up being one of those fragrances that makes it seem like you just NATURALLY smell better than everyone else. The vanilla makes it cozy and enticing while the white flowers help to bring it into daytime terrority.

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I tried some of hers and it was just delicious, perfect vanilla with a wonderfully non-intrusive jasmine edge. After looking it up on the internet, to find out why it reminded me of when I was 15, I found several references to this smelling like Innoxa's Gingham, which we all wore as teenagers in England, in the early seventies. Very delicate vanilla, ephemeral flowers and the aura of feminity... Not as flat as vanilla-based Hypnotic Poison (Dior), not a 'typical" perfume - maybe a bit "edible" smell? I could not describe with proper words my infinite love for this perfume.

The result is a creamy bouncy concoction of sweet-but-not-too-sweet "vanifloral." This is what vanilla is supposed to smell like, not the alcoholic burnt caramel smell that I associate with drug store body sprays. THIS is one of the few exceptions, on me this is a candied white floral which usually wouldn't cut it - but on my skin there is a beautiful powdery woodsy almost aniseed scent which reminds me of something I can only assume I smelled in a past life.

It could be written off as a bit old fashioned with it being very jasmine heavy, but I am 19 and I adore this.

The smell was stronger and it remained on clothes literally all day long with noticeable sillage.

I couldn't stop smelling my sweater and practically all my closet smells like Hypnose. I don't think I'm going to repurchase it as I tend not to buy the same perfume twice (there are so many others to discover out there) but once I've finished it I'm going to look for others that smell close to it .

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