Dating an old flame again

Your relationship is built on the past, and where it grows from there into the future depends on your dedication to the present.

As humans, we are all, to some extent, nostalgic about the past.

In much the same way, we must learn to let go of what our relationship was and accept our relationship for where it is now.

Change is especially apparent after major life changes, such as marriage, the birth of a new baby, a job change/loss, infidelity, death in the family, etc.

It's hard to forget good memories and sometimes we wish that things will go back to the way they once were. On hindsight, it seems stupid that we ever let our ex girlfriends go, since she is so nice and understanding etc.

This remorse gives rise to the selective amnesia we experience, which enables us to remember only the great times we had together and forget about the times we argued and eventually broke off.

We learn to get over the loss and to grieve the end of the friendship or relationship.Part of being in a relationship is saying goodbye to the past phases of our relationships, letting go of the past and embracing what is now, the present.You may become overcome by this feeling of, “I feel like I don’t even know my partner anymore.”The truth of the matter is that you are still getting to know your partner, at every phase of his/her life, just as he/she is getting to know parts of you.With the advancement of technology, the internet and social networking sites, it is easy to find your old flame again.You can search for her online and try to rekindle the relationship.

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