Dating and marriage in morocco

According to a Moroccan government study, there are more than 4,200 prostitutes in Tangier, Morocco’s port city and a hub for expatriates like Paul Bowles and William Burroughs.Souad lives on one of many alleys in the old medina, where children kick around deflated toy balls in the narrow streets and everyone knows one another by name.“A girl must never forsake her dignity, no matter what the reason is,” he says.“Her honor is her capital, and selling it is an unforgiven crime that is totally against our education and religion.”Yet men and women meet in cafés, in hotels, in nightclubs to negotiate , or the price for a sexual transaction.

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“The streets are so dangerous nowadays..they abuse us.”Many Moroccans hold harsh views of women who prostitute themselves.“Prostitution that feeds these kids, that pays for a place for them to sleep, that buys the next meal.”Souad, who didn’t want her last name to be used, has been selling sex in Tangier since she left her family because of the shame of her divorce at the age of 15.She still sends them money each month, but they are not aware of how she gets it.A Moroccan government study, released last May, counts over 19,000 prostitutes in the cities of Rabat, Agadir, Tangier and Fez.A majority are separated or divorced, and about half have dependent children. Keep up with this story and more , a film highlighting prostitution in Marrakech, was banned by the Ministry of Communications.

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