Dating and taking a break

It’s amazing: When the tabloids aren’t building couples up, they’re tearing them down.

Even so, it is not always easy to get back out there.

Jennifer Lopez Might Take A Break From Alex Rodriguez.” According to the gossip magazine, the couple has been “seemingly inseparable since they began dating earlier this year, but even J. ” “It’s gotten too claustrophobic even for Jen, who’s known to be one of the neediest people on the planet,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, without providing any evidence for how Lopez is “one of the neediest people.” But with Rodriguez, the outlet’s supposed source contends, “She’s put a lot of her life on hold these past few months, like hanging out with girlfriends and even her kids.” Apparently neither the publication nor its purported tipster is familiar with , where she regularly posts pictures of herself with her twins.

” In fact, it’s specifically alleged, “Jen is desperate for some time away from her famous boyfriend, and is hoping the two can take ‘a few weeks’ off from each other!

The child or children at home might just keep you grounded enough to be very careful and more deliberate before taking that next leap.

The time between a break-up and eventually finding new love can be a time to heal, grow and transform so that ultimately you can discover a solid relationship that is a good fit.

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