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This never smelled like anything much to me, I never could pick up any of the specific notes (except perhaps the pepper note, and that was really not much at all). If this still does not trip my trigger, this one might go into the donation pile. But I can't really say that I "dislike" this, because to me, this smells like..pretty much..nothing.

I did read on the "layering" thread that Perfumeaddict777 layered this with a coconut-scented frag and one that is a white-floral (Bath and Body Works At the Beach and Montale Intense Tiare, respectively)...I may try that, or layering with other coconut scent and/or another white floral. I really do not smell anything with this..:/ :( Very synthetic. Don't believe all your peeps on here about this one. I am a gardenia lover and I grow several varieties in my yard, but concentrate on the species with the largest flowers especially the Cape Jessamine with it's intense fragrance.

Probably one note triggers this anosmia, search for it.

Also, sometimes over time you become used to the perfume, so every month spray the tiniest amount you can (since the nose is overwhelmed by some note or mix of notes, small amounts make sense) and see if the anosmia is lifting.

The central note of the composition is mysterious gardenia, fresh, sensual, luminous and creamy, reproduced by 'headspace' technology,. I am a guy and I have both men’s and women tell me it’s amazing.

Amber and musk in the base make the scent dark and mysterious, very sensual and distinct. Since this is a "noir" version, I was expecting a perfume with warm, spicy and even bitter notes. That was before I had looked at the perfume pyramid here. Not exactly what I expected from Crystal Noir, but it is not bad and after a while some spicy notes begin to show more. Spicy fragrances, especially those with ginger, rarely work for me, and this was no exception. It was bitter and sharp, like something straight out of the spice jar. It’s truly a gem which I will always keep in my collection.

No other perfume can make me feel as confident as this one does, for its smell and also for the endless amounts of compliments I receive when wearing it.

I will use it as a base for another basic winter scent. ;-) Update later this day: I can faintly smell either the sandalwood, the ginger or both. I applied Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur on top and am happy with the results. I bought a 90ml bottle over a month ago, but am wearing it for the first time now that the weather here is cooler and not at all humid. It dries down fairly quickly and then smells fresh and musky, but musky in the most feminine way imaginable - it is SO pleasant!

I put both in my purse this morning because I did not want to miss out on fragrance fun if the Crystal Noir scent never showed up on me. The coconut is the main note, but it's watered down enough to not smell like an actual coconut; it blends beautifully into the other notes, which can all be detected if taken the time to sniff them out individually.

It is like a progression of daytime to sensual beginnings after sundown. Crystal Noir should be in a special category of fragrances that require a warning label, because it can easily progress from being a sensory delight, to inducing an undeniable sexual vibe. Sometimes I am madly in love with it, sometimes I suffocate. At first try it hardly smelled of anything "deep" or "noir." A fresh, spicy coconut; fit for a luxury hotel soap or after-shower splash. Properly trying this throughout the day though, and it's a sneaky devil that has clung to my skin.

The drydown has an identity of its own, oily and remotely sweet, reminicent of toasted coconut. The aroma also brings to mind a night time walk on a tropical beach underneath the moon. Not as unassuming as I thought, since I get wafts of it as I move around.

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