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I openly discussed with Kevin and Gareth that I went dead after using my opener, and I struggled with taking my opener and going into my stories from there.

Kevin decided to shorten the opener, which was easier for me get to my stories, and it was easier for me to memorize. On day 2 I was still nervous, but no where near as bad as day 1. So on this day I got a small pep talk from Gareth and I went and tried to open as many sets as I could. I talked to a lot of hot girls and I was able to carry a conversation with the sets that I opened.

I wanted to bring this up, because it showed that I did not have self confidence in myself, which we immediately began fixing for the night.

Also, we learned this cool technique on “kino escalating”.

I was super nervous before I got there and Gareth had to coach me to make sure I was ok. To this day I still remember the countdown 3……2…….1 go open the set, and I got blown out a lot! After the experience we all adjourned to debrief and discuss the event of the night.” It’s not uncommon for guys to be afraid of rejection and afraid of the high-energy nightclub atmosphere. But this student bravely faced his fears with our pickup dating coaching and overcame them in his seduction bootcamp.

That’s not all he had to say about his experience in San Diego: For the second day I worked exclusively with Kevin.

I personally believe that FASHION IS OVERRATED, and that you cannot cover a jerk from being a jerk.

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Kevin each asked us “Why are we taking the bootcamp?We want to make things easy because we’re incredibly confident that we can help turn your dating life around.Once we’ve finished the six sessions, we’ll discuss any future coaching needs. For many of you, six sessions will be enough to add satisfaction and fulfillment to your dating life. We’re thrilled to provide any ongoing support you need.I spent the past 10 years of my life going to college and then focusing on my career.In addition I never really focused on being social, until a friend asked me when am I going to get married (I am in my early thirties).

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