Dating craftsman planes

Item Number m2118 Click Here For More Photos Big 7/8in Square Ovolo Molding Plane. Item Number mp2798 Click Here For More Photos Thin, Fine Buck 1/4in Paring Chisel. Item Number m2316 Click Here For More Photos Starrett 829-B Small hole Gauge.

This gauge measures hole depth from 2/10in to 3/10in. It retails for if bought new from Starrett today Item Number mml3083 Click Here For More Photos Brown and Sharpe no. This caliper has seen light use and remains in excellent condition.

Item Number mp3217 Click Here For More Photos 5/8n Slipped Side Bead Molding Plane. It's in vert good condition overall with light wear, a clean blade and straight boxing.

It has some discoloration on the body but little wear.

William Hields & Co made top notch planes from 1830-1880 or so.

It's a big 1in side bead in excellent condition, useful for house moldings and other architectural scale work Left-Over and Reduced to: Item Number mp3046 Click Here For More Photos Atkin & Son 9/16in Flat Ovolo Molding Plane.

An excellent reference in perfect conditon Left-Over and Reduced to: Item Number b749 Click Here For More Photos H. Chapin was an important American planemaker and this catalog is an excellent reference.

It has a cabinet pitch blade and still has a tight mouth. Item Number op713 Click Here For More Photos 7/8in torus Bead Molding plane by J. This plane was made in the late 19th century or first decade of the 20th century in Aberdeen by Janes Panton.

It's an easy-to-use molding plane you will find very useful Left-Over and Reduced to: Item Number mp3099 Click Here For More Photos Stanley no. this plane has a blade that can be mounted like a normal block plane or as a bullnose plane. It's been used and has some light wear but remains in perfectly usable condition with no damage or pitting on the blade.

Thanks to the invention of planes, a moderately skilled workman could produce the same quality carpentry that previously had taken a master...

It's a fine carpenter's hammer, not a framing or ripping hammer.

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