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Without going into very personal details, he was pretty darn certain about this decision and only wanted any debate to be who was getting what and how to do it as quickly as possible so that we could go our ways.

We had no children at that time, but I was crushed, shocked, and despondent all the same.

I remembered the road map and figured I should maybe take a look at exactly what I should be doing.

I read it again several times and put the plan in the back of my mind.

I did every single thing I could do to get his attention, sympathy, anger – anything. I stopped living my life and was completely miserable.

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Instead, I chose to run away from the situation entirely.Then, a colder tone replaced the earlier one and my husband (or ex, I should say) excused himself. He didn’t like when I pursued him, but now he didn’t seem to like that I wasn’t.I grabbed the book to see if I was doing something wrong, but according to it, I was sort of on the right track, although my method and my tone were not as lighthearted, matter of fact, or open as the book said I should be.And, no matter whether we stayed married or not, I wanted to at least be able to look this man in the eye and maintain a cordial relationship.I memorized my road map and learned that what I needed to do most probably wouldn’t come naturally, but nothing in the book was hard or asked me to do something that I wasn’t comfortable with.

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