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You may also use this box to let people know your not looking for anyone.Rating My Looks has been around almost 5 years, and is still going strong.The dating guide is your first resource for dating related websites & services. It was once viewed as an inaccessible minefield by many of the older generation.

So we opened up 4 rooms so if anyone wants to go and doesn't have a room you can register now! continue reading » She was named for her parents Gloria and Ozell Green, and she grew up with an opera singer sister named De Onzell Green.Please update your profiles in your account so everyone can see your information.We added fun new topics such as favorite TV shows, foods, and to let them know if you are looking for dates or friends.The bar for high quality pictures on rate my picture sites has definately been raised.We hand edit (color adjust, center, sharpen, crop, resize, and optimize for load time) all of the new pictures submitted every day, before adding them to the site to be rated.

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