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into the mainstream media, and not just the sci-fi mags and things like that. They didn’t want anybody to know anything about it until the day I walked on to set to shoot this — which is a bunch of other stories! They were very successful in getting the mainstream media to pay attention to it with the addition of the character. They’ve got this character that’s so rich, because she’s not even when they start out…

So the Paramount publicity machine went into overdrive with the addition of this character. TYLER: And the whole point of it is what it means to be human, it’s a huge storyline. Consequently, all the scripts revolved around Seven of Nine and her relationship with the other characters, of course — which actually ended up leading to some really rich storylines for the other characters.

"I've worked so hard to get to this point, so I've got to show them.

" Hardwick screamed dramatically as he slammed the button, releasing a rain of golden confetti onto the stage while Hale cried tears of joy.

WATCH: 'America's Got Talent': 13-Year-Old Singer Gets Golden Buzzer After Touching Audition Gave Judges 'Goosebumps' The young singer's story is even sweeter when considering how far she's come in her journey.

"And Howie, I'll never forget that.""Well you know something, Angelica?

I'll never forget you, and I still tonight have not changed my mind," Mandel shared.

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