Dating hair

So she knows what it takes to get the PERFECT look for your date. Take the occasion into consideration You don't want to be over-done or under-done.Here are Sara's top ten tips on how to do the sexiest hair and makeup for your date: 1. If it's 'a surprise' – and let's face it, most of us hate those kind of dates – then find a happy medium (and take a small makeup bag with you, just in case! Make sure you look like 'you' You want to make sure that the make-up you wear is 'you'.She has worked with everyone from Kelly Brook to Denise Van Outen.Premiers, parties, photo-shoots, post-break up makeovers - she's done them all… Generally facials are best done a few days before, in case of any little break-outs…3.Pluck, Prime and Conceal, ensuring a perfect canvas for your first-date look.If your skin is prone to shine, then use an oil-free primer. Unless it's 'you', don't go heavy on the foundation - it's considered the biggest ever turn off for men. A great blusher is Nars Orgasm – it's perfect for any skin tone and it's their most iconic shade for cheeks, giving a natural, healthy-looking colour that immediately brightens your complexion.While it's great to add a few extra touches to really enhance yourself, don't go for a complete opposite look of that that you normally use.

) and that became one of the many reasons they broke up.When getting ready for a date, the romance, excitement, butterflies, anticipation and wanting to impress can mean that we get carried away.We decide to try a new hairstyle, makeup, dress sense or persona in an attempt to impress, but what we forget is that he asked you out because he likes you.Powdering your nose or re-applying lipstick/gloss in front of your date destroys the illusion of "natural" and can seem a little high-maintenance.10.Go easy on the perfume While you definitely do want to make sure you smell good for your first date, try not to overload yourself.

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