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I used to love to get up early and go with him, hearing stories and riddles with a few math problems thrown in.

When our conversations ended with his painful passing, I wondered: How did he survive such horrors of the Holocaust, and maintain such a positive approach?

They were screaming out murderously, "You gassed all the Polish people in Auschwitz -- now you have returned for our children's blood to bake your Passover matzah! To his good fortune, he was able to be in the DP camp of the Klausenberger Rebbe, a saintly man who nurtured thousands of broken souls.

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" When the aunt told her husband, he was not impressed.Rzeszow's pre-war population was 50 percent Jewish.He studied in the local one-room “cheder” (Torah school).My father joined the line of men hoping to be selected, but was told to go back, as he was too weak. I'll take care of you and watch over you until you regain your strength." The next miracle came in a hidden way -- initially, he didn't know what had happened.Determined to join, he tried once more to pass the selection. To the horror of all, the selected group of strong men were taken and murdered. Everyone in the camps knew that going to the hospital was often a one-way trip. My father was climbing into his bunk bed one night. He was standing among a group of prisoners, and his number was called. "We have been selected to work for Oscar Schindler. " My father was added to the now-famous 'Schindler's List'.

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