Dating in jedburgh

The house provides an excellent education in Mary’s extraordinary life and gruesome death, and features exclusive items such as a lock of Mary’s famous auburn hair and the heel from her shoe.

I chose the aptly named Abbey View Cafe and Bookshop.

Today it is home to a little over 4000 residents and serves as a popular tea-and-pee pitstop for many modern day road-trippers. In just one day and overnight stay I discovered that Jedburgh is certainly not a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it drive-through town.

This is a town which seriously packs a punch, in the cutest way possible. If there was a comic book version of my visit to Jedburgh, the moment where I first cast my eyes on Jedburgh Abbey would involve a massive thought bubble exclaiming “WOW! The grandeur of this stunning 12th century ruin can be appreciated from various vantage points in the town; it was a most rewarding game of peek-a-boo when I turned little corners to find another picture-perfect angle of the beautiful structure.

Yes, Border Meringues isn’t slap bang in the centre of town but I assure you, the 15/20 minute walk to get there was certainly worth it.

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Walking back along the riverside to town from Border Meringues was not only pleasant but also helped to ease my banoffee flavoured guilt-from-gluttony.As you may have already gathered, Jedburgh is quite the historical hotspot.As such, the Scottish Borders Council have published a suggested trail around the town which passes a plethora of interesting buildings and points of interests, many of which could possibly fall completely under your radar.Hearing the news that her controversial lover (and catalyst to her demise) – the Earl of Bothwell – lay wounded at Hermitage Castle, Mary embarked on a 40 mile round trip from Jedburgh on horseback to reunite with her soon-to-be husband. She survived the ordeal, and left an everlasting imprint on the town and the 16th century house where she stayed.The attraction opened to the public on the 400th anniversary of her death in 1987.

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