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The announcement came in one of her seasonal newsletters, “Dating Confidential,” in 2009.She counseled the men beforehand to change out of their baggy Palo Alto polo shirts and exercise pants, to dress up, and put their best side forward.With its growing popularity, the Rosewood bar was the obvious setting.Four years ago, Andersen hosted her first “Link and Drink” event at the hotel.All head to the dark barroom to the left of the entrance. Sipping a soda before one of their Thursday-night “meet-ups” at the Rosewood bar, Andersen’s business partner, Nina Ericson, describes the origins of Cougar Night.Ericson—a 50-year-old lawyer turned life coach—goes by the Twitter handle @Dr Date2soulmate and often meets Andersen’s clients at the Rosewood spa café.He has to ask.“Excuse me, why do you have ‘Rosewood’ written on your hand?

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Men make up 89 percent of venture-capital-firm partners, according to a 2011 survey by the National Venture Capital Association and Dow Jones Venture Source, and a demographic of mostly male, wealthy, well-known businessmen began reliably showing up for happy hour.She shares space with a designer friend so her office is not visible to passersby.In the back room, Andersen has set up a full silver tea service with cheese and crackers, apple slices, red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines, and ornate goblets in which to serve them. levels 1 and 2 are price-upon-request services for clients who have long lists of must-haves; in these cases, Andersen does her recruiting on Facebook or in a “nationwide” search. “I can announce as a status update that I am searching on behalf of this client.” She says that, in reading the 13-page applications of the Silicon Valley guys who hire her to meet someone, she finds so many who want Einstein-meets-Heidi Klum (the former being far more plentiful in Palo Alto than the latter) that she has assistants on staff to search social media for any likely possibilities.Thursday nights have become surprisingly popular at a five-star Menlo Park hotel.Two eagle-eyed matchmakers, big tech money, and an army of stiletto-shod women mix and mingle there—all important factors in Silicon Valley’s peculiar mating algorithm.

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