Dating kali yuga

When something is pure, it can be maintained as pure but cannot become more pure, it can only become less pure.

For this reason, we must not fall into fatalism (thinking that we are all doomed and there’s nothing we can do about it) or hopelessness, but instead must strengthen our personal practice and act as a light in dark times for those around us that are lost.

Once a king asked his wise men to give him something that would make him happy when he is sad, and sad when he is happy.

The wise men spent days thinking about it in silence and watching the clouds go by. Whether you take this information as literal or metaphorical, you can gain much value from considering it.

The Lakota believe that the birth of a White Buffalo in 1994 signified a time of great healing and unification around the world.

The Pan-American prophecy of the Eagle and Condor speaks of the re-uniting of the tribes through sacred wisdom and power.

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