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The difficulty is pinpointing the date when "Lotharingia" transformed into "Lorraine".

The gradual assimilation of Lorraine into the French sphere of influence started with the reign of Duke Raoul, who succeeded in 1329 and spent most of his reign at the court of Philippe VI King of France.Tune in on Saturday from 8-10pm as we bring this full circle, with Tim hosting Beats in Space live from WRCT, bringing along Hot Mass and DETOUR’s Naeem as the guest DJ.WRCT joins VIA in hosting this year’s VIA Weekender event.The alternative interpretation, that Duke Simon (assumed for the purposes of this argument to be the son of Gertrude de Flandre) married the daughter of Hedwig von Formbach by an otherwise unknown first husband "Graf Heinrich" presents major chronological difficulties.Such a daughter could not have been born later than 1072 at the latest.

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