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the proposal was very big-picture and had few specific dollar amounts attached, making it difficult to be sure where the cuts would dig deepest, and how precisely the region could be affected.Penn DOT relies on the federal government for .2 billion of its .3 billion budget.“Here in Pennsylvania we have seen first-hand the consequences of budgets that indiscriminately cut programs,” she said.“Our schools are still recovering from the cuts made under the previous administration.”The proposed budget gives an extra million in funding to Department of Housing and Urban Development's program aimed at eliminating lead paint in low-income homes.(34,339 students received ,155,452 in New Jersey; 61,757 students received ,090,939 in Pennsylvania.)More than 58,000 students in Pennsylvania and New Jersey were awarded .6 million through work-study last school year, according to data from the Education Department.(12,625 students received ,085,301 in NJ; 45,867 students received ,515,382 in PA.) Transportation projects in the region: Trump’s first foray into the Department of Transportation’s budget proposed a .2 billion discretionary budget, .4 billion, or 13 percent less than 2017's Department of Transportation budget."Any increase in federal funding would be welcome, but the proposed million increase works out to about ,000 for Philadelphia, if divided proportionally.This amount would not make up for previous cuts or other proposed cuts to public health funding." Heroin and substance-abuse treatment programs: 900 people fatally overdosed in Philadelphia in 2016 -- more than triple the number of homicides in the city that year.

We need to get lead out of kids' houses so they don't get poisoned in the first place -- because once they have it, there is no medical cure," said Colleen Mc Cauley.

has been plagued with controversy, sees a .4 billion, or 6 percent, increase in funding under Trump’s proposed budget, which includes boosts to discretionary funding for VA healthcare, and funds the Veterans Choice program, which gives vets “the choice to seek care at the VA or through a private provider,” the budget reads.

Kristen Ruell, a VA whistleblower, met the news of the agency's increased funding with excitement. "Great that the president is keeping his word on his dedication for veterans."Though Ruell has criticized management of the VA in the past, she expressed confidence in the new leadership.

Boeing builds the Immigration enforcement: The proposed budget also ramps up hiring for immigration enforcement and border patrol -- 1,500 more hires -- and provides funding for expanded deportation and detention operations.

The budget also would set aside million to implement mandatory nationwide use of the E-Verify system, which allows employers to check job-seekers' work eligibility.

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