Dating parenting plan

There are a number of repercussions that can occur if you do not handle the dating situation appropriately.

Your divorce and custody schedule will play a critical role in your ability to date.

All newly divorced people must consider how soon they want to begin dating and what they are looking for in a new mate.

For a parent who is dating after divorce, a profoundly important aspect of a dating partner’s qualities is how he or she relates to children.

Many co-parents turn to dating in order to get their life back on track and help them move on after a divorce.

Many people don’t realize that this can be potentially dangerous in some situations.

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It’s not a very good idea to add any unnecessary stress during this time.

You have to ask yourself are you ready to juggle dating and your custody schedule?

This is probably a very emotional time for you and your family.

Another problem that co-parents often face, whether they are dating or not, is time management.

If you are not completely familiar with your child custody agreement and custody schedule then managing your time as a co-parent can be very stressful.

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