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Men of 40-50 and more years of age who divorced their western wife and do not want to date western women, or were busy with the career and because of the lack of time did not create a family, and think now its time to have that special woman at one's side.Foreign men of 25-35 (at least serious marriage-minded young men) are "rare birds" on International dating web-sites.The circle of communication of a Russian girl is limited to the people of her age, and young 20-25 year old men are not ready for serious relations and family life (those guys who were ready are married already).Thus a girl comes to the marriage agency and her data appears on different dating web-sites.The last but not the least factor to be named here is serious men.

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Money: the services of many international dating agencies are free for women because it is a man who pays for everything.

And, secondly, what you see in the pictures in our catalog is in most cases the best women can look.

They wear nicest clothes in which they look pretty, they do make-up, pose in front of the mirror to show most attractive parts of their body, look through women magazines to see how models pose for professional photographers and try to do the same.

They come to the agency where professional staff help and advise about correspondence with foreign men.

Another factor is English speaking ability: though English is taught at school, not many people need a foreign language in their everyday life; so all knowledge got at school and in the University vanish from woman's head as soon as she finishes studying.

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