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Tom worked up the cores Schulman collected sometime around 2010, and discovered the tree's age at that time.The tree is still alive, and the age given below, 5062 years, is its age as of the growing season of 2012.This is now the oldest confirmed age of an angiosperm tree, at least twice as old as the second oldest confirmed age for an angiosperm species (although note also the addition of two oaks reported in Jones 1959 that are 866 and 930 years, sent to me by Alexei Rivera; however, we cannot find the original references and these presumably ring-counted ages cannot be confirmed). I also must at some point soon go through the recent literature on radiocarbon ages found on several tree species in South American rain forests that are in some cases several hundred to over 1000 years old. (Larger version of header photo; bristlecone pine in the Patriarch Grove in the White Mountains, California) Notes on dates: * tree is still living as of 2012; age given is additional years since it was first sampled when this is known. In addition to the original , Neil Pederson at Harvard Forest maintains a separate Eastern Old List focused on old trees growing in the eastern US.A new old age tree record holder was recently recognized, a Pinus longaeva growing in the White Mountains of eastern California.

Historical ages are based on some sort of historic reference to the tree. Hartesveldt from Ambassador of Sri Lanka in the USA, December 15, 1972).A note here on radiocarbon ages of potentially very old trees.There has been a lot of focus on in the media recently about very old trees that are based on radiocarbon dating of a remnant piece of wood in association with a currently living tree and is assumed to have been an ancient stem that reproduced clonally.Extrapolations are ages derived by regression from age/size relationships (e.g.Stephenson and Demetry 1995) or other mathematical or graphical methods.

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