Dating tips for dating a shy guy

using humor, being charismatic, being charming, displaying social intelligence, having a masculine vibe, etc).There are some curses in life that are actually “blessings in disguise,” but being a shy guy definitely isn’t one of them.He will save the day, save the girl from something or save the world and then the girl will fall into his arms.In real life, women want to be with a guy who they feel sexual attraction for first and everything else second.Women are mostly attracted to a guy’s confidence more than anything else.If you are a shy guy, some women will accept you, but they won’t ever fully respect you or feel as much attraction for you as they would for a confident guy.Some shy guys make the mistake of thinking that women will find it “cute” that he is shy.In fact, some women will even SAY that he is cute for being so shy.

Shyness is useless and ruins a woman’s potential to feel sexual attraction for you because it is the opposite of confidence.

If this describes how you feel about girls then you are not alone. It can be an incredibly frustrating experience seeing the girl you fancy being chatted up by other guys.

What’s even worse is that most of the guys seem to be a bunch of jerks.

Shyness does not provide you with anything other than holding you back from what you really want to do…especially when it comes to women and dating.

In Hollywood movies and on many TV sitcoms, you will see the shy guy “get the girl” in the end.

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