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Aired 9-10p ET • RNC Breaks Silence on Support for Roy Moore; Newly Surfaced Comments from Roy Moore. Franken to Make Announcement Tomorrow After a Majority of Senate Dems Call for His Resignation; W. Aired 9-10p ET • Steve Bannon Joins Roy Moore At Campaign Rally in Alabama; Lawyer for Former Trump Aide: More Charges Could Be Coming.

Aired 8- 9p ET • Steve Bannon Joins Roy Moore At Campaign Rally; Pres.

Trent Franks Moves Resignation To Today; NY Times: FBI Warned Pres. Trump's Approval Rating At 32%; RNC Breaks Silence On Support For Roy Moore; CNN Exclusive: Undisclosed Emails Show Follow-Up After Trump Jr.

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Aired 9-10p ET • North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Capable of Hitting East Coast; Graham on North Korea: "We're Headed to a War If Things Don't Change"; GOP Tax Bill Advances After Pres.

She's only a minor character in the first game (although she is the only person who can teach the Warden the "Duelist" specialization), but reappears as a primary companion and potential love interest in the second game., where the player must help him avenge the death of his family, the rulers of Starkhaven. A potential love interest, though Hawke cannot actually sleep with him due to his vow of chastity.

He is the only love interest that Hawke must be female to pursue.

While an honorable warrior, she is nevertheless pragmatic in her guard duties. He used his power to escape his master Danarius, a Tevinter Magister who is trying to reclaim his "property." Even now that he's free and out of the Imperium, Fenris nurses a bitter streak against all mages. How was he to know that so many of his people would squander their freedom living like frightened cattle?

If his only choices were to either dress as meekly as the local humans expected their elves to be, run off to find the wandering clans that grubbed in the dirt for whatever scraps the human kingdoms threw them, or to fight then his choice was clear..

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