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As we were putting out of the harbor, she sat back and took in the seagulls roller-coastering in the sky and the collar of houses along the channel. So Minka came back with the wakeboarding idea and everybody — me, her, my family — was happy.The hot-pink straps of her bikini top clung to her tan shoulders, her toes wiggled in her flip-flops, and she smiled the least-awkward smile in the history of the Sexiest Woman Alive. Then she squinted up at an airplane and said, "You wouldn't want to jump out of that? But of course she had to make this crack, and then Zach chimed in and said, "Oh, man, I would do that in a and so now he was cool and I was lame.

They were buddies, partners, each doing everything for the other, and their bond got them through the moves, the no money, the new schools, the unfamiliar towns. At dinner we split spaghetti carbonara, which is made with a raw egg that cooks when mixed into the hot pasta. Watch this.' " And she would cook that stuff up, add whatever vegetables were in the freezer, drop a raw egg in so it cooked in the hot broth — dinner. "It was all about what we could do to have fun with nothing. He sold tamales out of an AMC Spirit, and Minka would help make them in his mother's kitchen: shred the meat, clean the (corn husks), spread the masa, roll it all up. When she turned seventeen, the Spirit was her first car.

She was talking about a fight she got into at school once.

She had befriended a girl who knew how to kickbox — who, in fact, "came from a family of kickboxers" — and Minka eventually ended up kicking another girl's ass in one of those big fights after school where everybody shows up.

" She was mocking me, and I looked down, waiting for it to pass. And she glared at me through her big sunglasses and smiled, all cherry-tomato cheeks and exquisite chin. "Live in fear if you want to," Minka added helpfully.

Now she is on her back in the water, knees to her chest, wakeboard in front of her, arms outstretched, weight away from the boat.

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