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While in the Underground Labor Factory, Zuzu wore one of the factory's uniforms: a dark red full body suit with a hood and brown shoes without socks.

After arriving at the Fusion Dimension's You Show Duel School, Zuzu receives a change of clothes that once belonged to Alexis when she enrolled in Duel Academy: a sleeveless white shirt with a pink pad over her chest and shoulders, a pink skirt and a white belt similar to Tori Meadows', except with a different color scheme. Zuzu has a kind, strong-willed personality coupled with an extremely short temper, the latter often resulting in her actions causing huge consequences.

Zuzu's kind, gentle, truthful personality with a strong sense of justice has made her the person people from all four Dimensions adore and the one with the strongest bonds with non-Standard residents.

Shay and Yuto care for her due to her likeness to Lulu, and Sora and Celina are protective of her as she is their first friend and opened their eyes to the lies and cruelty of Duel Academy.

The strongest examples so far included when she started to cry when she was worried that Yuya would never awake while he was unconscious for a few days after his encounter with Yuto and Yugo, and upon being separated from Yuya in the Synchro Dimension.While brainwashed by the Parasite Monster, Zuzu is emotionless and does not speak. In her debut, she was able to smash the Solid Vision technology to the point where it malfunctioned with one punch.When Zuzu refused to go with Yuri, she performed several backflips in quick succession and landed with ease.She notably is not shown wearing the school jacket from Paradise Prep School that other female students wear. These powers seem to be connected to Yuya and his counterparts, activating whenever Zuzu, Yuya and any of his counterparts are in close proximity.Zuzu later switches clothes with Celina, but she retains her bracelet, her spherical hair clips and her Duel Disk.

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