Dating your exhusband

For some divorced couples, their ex remains the very first person they call with good news or bad.For many couples, this arrangement makes co-parenting easier and they frequently say it works for them.We are both nice people from good families and our families like one another. He spent Christmas Eves with us to wake up with the boys on Christmas morning (we slept in separate rooms).He came to every birthday party, and eventually every party we ever had he came as a friend and part of the family.After all, it's wonderful that he's there for the kids in this way and branching out into things he never bothered with when we were married.

But at the Thanksgiving program at her kids' school, she stared at her ex-husband the entire time.Instead of torturing yourself by over-focusing on your ex, feel good about your ability to commit to a relationship and start seeking one with an available and therefore suitable partner.This may, instead, reflect that you want the relationship to end, but you are conflicted about this decision.If you are opposed to therapy, watch the film Celeste and Jesse Forever, which details the marriage and divorce of a couple who are legally divorced and emotionally married.As art reflects life, it might help you move on once and for all.

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