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For the longest time she was clearly and utterly berserk, attacking Autobots and Decepticons without mercy, also willing to fire upon anyone attempting to prevent her from going after either group.This pushed her to the status of being Public Enemy #1 in some places, including the United States, for a long time.He then tossed it back at the rig, and the ensuing electrical surge paralyzed Beller from the neck down, except for some movement in her right hand.After this incident, she created a bodysuit capable of storing and channeling enormous amounts of electrical energy.Finally, the suit replaced her damaged nervous system, giving her the ability to move about as before.

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They laughed at the arrogance of the human making the claim, and decided that as a show of putting the humans in their place as to how weak they were, Megatron had Shockwave and a party go to the rig, on an energon raid.

When the Decepticons heard of the construction of Autobot City, they decided that in order to counteract the city Transformer Metroplex, they would need something of equal size and power, at least, in order to be able to win the war.

Therefore, in a location far into the Himalayas, they began working on their own city transformer, one with a Tyrannosaur altmode, called Trypticon.

It also includes questions to ask yourself if you start to think about marriage.

It's a quick read but a good one for those looking for a brief defining look at God's purpose for dating couples.

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