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Nothing long-term yet, but at least I made one or two new friends.Many guys who try online dating do so because they are socially awkward and online takes away from the face-to-face aspect.Here, two speed dating companies cancelled events last weekend due to not enough people signing up for them (ages 40-58 and 22-35).I will not be surprised if a third company cancels one this weekend for 35-45 as the only person signed up so far on Meetup is in his late 60's and this company cancelled their last event in this age range due to only 3 people signing up for it.Or they're married, having a crisis and want to know they still have it.I sometimes wonder if OLD companies have employees whose job it is to send messages to members to keep them hooked so they don't cancel their account.

But every time I tried to make a date, he backed out somehow.

However they still must deal with the face to face aspect at some point because they actually must go out on a date.

Guys flake because sometimes their issue with dating is having the confidence to go through with it.

One thing I did notice, he had an older picture of himself posted (over five years old) and it wasn't a particularly flattering one of him in sweatpants and an old shirt. Same thing happened recently on the site I am on (but have my profile off) right now.

I contacted a man I though seemed interesting and he seemed very enthusiastic.

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    After all, if you were better, cooler, or more desirable, you’d be able to stand up for yourself.