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The exhaustive review provides a striking reminder that the government is extending liability under the Copyright Act for activities that may not even infringe copyright, thereby raising questions about the constitutionality of some provisions.This is the result of the digital lock rules, which necessitated a change in the infringement provision.It would be good to add some scale information here, where possible: how many documents do these sites index, how many search requests per day, what kind of servers, etc.

Digital lock legislation that is consistent with existing copyright law – ie.The rationale notes (page 708): Generally, an owner of copyright in a work or other subject matter for which this prohibition has been contrevened has the same remedies as if this were an infringement of copyright (proposed s.41(2)).However, a contravention of this prohibition is not an infringement of copyright and the defences to infringement of copyright are not defences to these that factors in existing exceptions – is more clearly a matter of copyright.The C-32 provisions are arguably far more about property rights since the provisions may be contained in the Copyright Act, but they are focused primarily on the rights associated with personal property and expressly exclude copyright defences.

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