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Words that immediately come to mind: Opportunistic. I’ve addressed this before and find it abhorrent that anyone would defend their relationship in such a hateful way.But it happens, most often in anonymous online forums.

I remember my first LBH encounters as a teenager, when my family lived in Hong Kong.

The writing was exceptional — humorous, thoughtful and self-reflective — and you could clearly tell that Virginia has, as you might say, “been around the global block” in her own experiences as an expat.

No, my dread stemmed from the subject itself, which I’ll let Virginia describe for you: If you spend enough time in Expatria you’ll meet this chap, we affectionately call him the LBH. Best described as someone you wouldn’t normally touch with a barge pole, but transplanted to foreign soil, is suddenly hot property, especially with attractive, young local women….

As Christine Tan of Shanghai Shiok wrote: The problem, to me, is that shallow, superficial relationships between white men and Asian women vastly outnumber the same sort of suspicious pairings between Asian men and white women. There are white men who come to Asia to hook up with local women in certain seedier places.

And sadly, these types of WM/AF pairings are the most visible ones, because they often create spectacles of themselves…. There are local women who go to these places to hook up with the white men who come to Asia.

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