Deaf and hard of hearing dating

The tests will not hurt or be uncomfortable for your baby, and you will be able to stay with your baby while the tests are done.

You may want to take your partner or a friend or relative with you to the appointment.

They will explain what the results mean for your baby's hearing and whether any further tests are necessary. Finding out early can give these babies a better chance of developing communication skills that will help them make the most of relationships with their families and carers from an early age.

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Children can also develop permanent hearing loss later on, so it's important to check your child's hearing as they grow up.

It will also help babies make the most of relationships with their family or carers from an early age.

One to two babies in every 1,000 are born with permanent hearing loss in one or both ears.

This increases to about 1 in every 100 babies who have spent more than 48 hours in intensive care.

If your baby has a clear response in both ears, they are unlikely to have permanent hearing loss.

However, the newborn hearing test doesn't pick up all types of permanent hearing loss.

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