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Other serious topics were delved into on the show, occasionally in cringe-worthy ways that made you feel the girls should go back to the cheesecake, but often with a nerviness that was extra courageous in Reagan’s denial-prone America.And what a cast they assembled to deliver those messages.Here we have a video interview with stunning Shelley Fabares, who starred with Elvis Presley in the 1965 movie Girl Happy, was one of three leading ladies in 'Spinout' [1966]. Michele Ann Marie 'Shelley' Fabares (born January 19, 1944) is an American actress and singer.Adding to her lineup of movies with Elvis, the following year she starred in 'Clambake', [1967] her third starring role alongside the King. Fabares is known for her roles as Donna Reed's oldest child Mary Stone on The Donna Reed Show (1958–1963), and as Hayden Fox's love interest (and eventual wife) Christine Armstrong on the sitcom Coach (1989–1997). In 1962 Fabares' recording of Brent Shyer : Walter O'Malley.

I could also do without the bitchy caterer who snaps at Dorothy (“Well, excuse me for living, Anita Bryant!The MGM movie starred Elvis Presley and a trio of romantic interests vying for his attention: Shelley Fabares, Diane Mc Bain and Deborah Walley.Walter O'Malley had hired Hoffman as Assistant to the President - the first woman department head of the Dodgers - in May 1965.It was not on the Dodger Stadium field, however, but in the parking lots.Rock 'n' roll superstar Elvis Presley was at Dodger Stadium for three days to film sequences simulating road races in Spinout, his 22nd feature movie.

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