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We think you should throw out your "list" and make a new one.To begin with, take some time to think about where you see your life going in the next six months, one year and five years.I like women who are young enough at heart and aren't afraid to be silly once in a while. At the moment, I'm looking for a woman with the mind and spirit of someone a little older, in someone who is actually a few years younger. I would like to find a partner who has dreams and who will also support mine.I am attracted to women who are hardheaded enough to accomplish things in life and who are also somewhat visionary.

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The last few months, I have given a lot of thought to what I am looking for in a potential partner.Taking stock of my prior dating experience, one of my friends joked, "At this rate, you'll still be chasing after the 90-year-olds when you're 80!" Now I'm confused how to proceed, and I've suspended my profiles on the Internet Dating Sites (which I'm forwarding for your review).Once you have clarified all this, try looking for a date whose goals are compatible to your own, and who has 2 or 3 of the qualities you think are important for your future wife to possess.It isn't necessary for someone to have all of them, because as you become involved in a serious courtship, you will probably find that the woman has other fine qualities you hadn't thought of, which more than compensate for what she didn't match on your "list." Our second suggestion deals with your overall approach to dating.

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