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Then came gymnastic moves, footwork drills, and sparring with swords, spears, and daggers.Each day ended with MMA-based conditioning circuits, including sled pushes, battling ropes (swinging a long rope up and down as fast as you can), kettlebell and sledgehammer swings, and tractor-tire flips.As they walk and talk details of their shared past and their personalities and hopes and fears are slowly teased out.

It basically follows a couple as they wander through the streets of Christchurch while they try to work out where their relationship stands.Christchurch was severely damaged by the 2011 earthquake, and the broken city, with its cracked and crumbling facades, becomes a powerful metaphor for their broken relationship.Sunday is a true collaboration between real life couple Clare and Keenan, who co-wrote the script with first time director Michelle Lloyd, and cinematographer Ryan Alexander Lloyd.Sunday deals with themes of rebuilding, second chances and hope for the future.First time feature director Lloyd handles the material with compassion, honesty and warmth.

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