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Though Elena did not find a connection in her home country, she is an educated woman who knew what she wanted.

She has a master’s degree in philosophy and has educational and real-world experience in advertising and marketing.

Today I present you a Russian and Ukrainian online dating ebook “ANTI-SCAM guide” by Elena Petrova, a famous Russian dating expert and owner of

From my experience as a Ukrainian/Russian dating blogger, I can tell that I got tons of messages from my readers who are being scammed by “genuine Russian and Ukrainian ladies”.

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The book even covers the issue of knowing what to do when you are suspicious.

That she knew I would follow her wherever she asked me too. Talked to her in chat, told me she promoted pussy for the agency.

Her job that I knew of for three years as a manicurist, was only a hobby. It was only two weeks after I left her in Simferopol, but when I told her about our time together. She said how can you love me when we’ve never met, but she thought I was sweet. I said again ARE YOU TALKING TO ME, to which she replied NO.

The author of the ANTI-SCAM guide understands the huge problem of the International online dating industry and how many, many Western men looking for a Russian or Ukrainian woman online are scammed because they are taken in by beautifully written words.

Elena Petrova knows what she’s talking about when she shares her ideas on putting together Russians with a mate from another country. She grew up in Russia, but married a Western man, one of many who answered her ad for a mate.

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