Emile hirsch kristen stewart dating

Kristen Stewart's new film Personal Shopper (directed by Olivier Assayas), has been in the news this week for getting booed at the Cannes Film Festival, only to receive a standing ovation at its festival premiere.

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Though it's not out in the US until July, Woody Allen's latest is garnering favorable early reviews that praise Stewart — and the rest of the cast — as a primary draw of the movie.It's a powerful and affecting performance by Stewart, and arguably her best to date.Though Still Alice is all about Julianne Moore's performance as a woman struggling with Alzheimer's disease — for which she won an Academy Award — Stewart's turn as one of Alice's children suffering while watching her mother deteriorate deserves just as much praise.And she’s fantastic in “Personal Shopper,” too, a movie that knows, better than any, how to film Kristen Stewart.It knows that she has “it,” that she’s exciting when she’s doing things as menial as riding a Peugeot around Paris, trying on high-end clothes or texting with a ghost.

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