Exchange 2016 error 530 validating sender No account text sex

This may only be happening locally, so if you’re in Houston, and can’t send mail thru Go Daddy, give this a shot! To ping a server on Windows 8, hold down the window key and tap the “R” key. Enter “cmd” (without the quotes) then hit enter, and a command prompt will appear.Click in the dark area and type—ping “servername” then hit enter. Or even better, go to my website and plus one me on Google or even better, go to my Google Plus page and tell everyone what great guy I am!Then I pinged the server and got a good reply…Hmmmm. Instead of using, put the IP address of that server in the outbound mail section in Outlook configuration.Turns out there’s some problem, possibly on Go Daddy’s end with the name resolution on that server. This particular setup was Office 365, but I would think it doesn’t really matter what you’re using, as she was also having the same issue on her I-Pad and I-Phone.

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Since their own site isn't working I can't even use it to try alternative methods of character tracking.Even though I got a reply, it still wouldn’t authenticate. As soon as we put the IP address in the configuration of both the I-Phone and the I-Pad, woohoo….. Go Daddy should be aware of this issue, but apparently they’re not.Maybe I should call them and offer them the resolution for a fee.And of course they wanted to charge her for support on a brand new Dell Inspiron 15.She actually should have called Dell, as they are responsible for supporting any operating system they sell.

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