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Plus, garlic's antibacterial properties help to kill the real culprit: foul-smelling underarm microorganisms.

We all know oral contraceptives are useful—for reducing flow and cramps and preventing unplanned pregnancies. study found that women who were on oral contraceptives when they met their partners were, years later, likelier than non-users to be turned-off, sexually dissatisfied and eager to fantasize about an affair.

When men remained seated and women rotated around the room, approaching a new man at every table, the women acted more like guys—that is, they appeared to have lower standards.

Regardless of gender, whoever makes the first move is less picky than the people they target, the researchers found.

Your signature scent— whether it's Chanel, Shalimar or patchouli—becomes you. Fragrances may amplify and advertise your unique genetic makeup to potential partners, finds a study from the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

People who share the same variants of immune system (MHC) genes often preferred the same scents (rose oil, musk or vanilla, for instance).

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Simply wearing the color may trigger a virtuous cycle: it encourages us to act sexier because we expect others to think we’re hotter (women) or more confident and powerful (men).

The next week, the same volunteers ate their bread with plain cream cheese.

Which sweat smelled more attractive, more pleasant and less intense to female judges—garlic or plain? Garlic contains antioxidants and improves metabolic functioning, the researchers say, which may improve your body odor.

It's much more subtle than that.)How curvy a man prefers his date to be may depend on his situation at any given moment, find researchers Martin Tovee and Viren Swami.

In one study, the duo stopped men at a campus dining hall and asked them to rate the body shapes of several dozen women.

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