Fake facebook profiles for dating etc

Among those huge numbers, you can find almost every type of person; thieves, cooks, burglars, pirate etc. The reality is that not 100% of the Facebook profiles are real, not 90% too, not even 70%; many of them are fake!

Do you know that how a fake Facebook account can badly ruin your life?

Facebook, being the most popular social media website out there has billions of people, using it everyday.It doesn’t limit to a good profile picture if you see a profile picture which is kinda too attractive with some explicit parts. Same group of people will add you Sometimes, a person makes 5-6 fake accounts then tries to add you by all those accounts, and that is a big plan so as to con you, he will message you from all the fake accounts and try to win your trust from a single account.Therefore, it is suggested that you carefully check about friends of the person who adds you and if someone is trying to behave over-friendly with you or sending phishing emails/messages in Facebook, better you stay away from him/her!There are plenty of examples of cheating people online using fake Facebook profiles.They can take out your money from your bank or get your property on their name by cheating or stealing your sensitive information – these guys can do almost everything.

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