Firefox not updating automatically

Yes No Script is a terrific add-on, and yes it will make your browser safer and faster. No Script is something that discourages the use of browsing technologies like Java Script. Do we stop downloading programs just because some programs are malicious? Rather, we are just careful about what programs we download.

If you use any of the two system-wide ad-blocking methods mentioned below, you do not need to download any browser add-on or browser specific method to block ads (e.g.

As such, you can use Ad Fender to block ads on Firefox, Internet Explorer (including the latest v11 of IE), Chrome, Opera, or any other web browser you use; it also blocks ads on instant messaging programs and torrent software.

All you have to do is download and install Ad Fender, and it is good to go — it will automatically block ads on Internet Explorer (and your other browsers).

However, you can use Hosts Man to block ads because you can use it to block connections to ad networks vis-a-vis the HOSTS file.

The process is actually quite a bit easier than it sounds — you only have to click a few buttons — and it is very effective: it blocks ads on every browser or program on your computer.

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