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The ‘unbelievableness’ started with being thrown onto a private A320.That culminated in a first visit to Ireland, weeks in Spain, days in Copenhagen, and then back again to La La Land, […] If there is one guarantee when working as a flight attendant, it’s that you will need a really good pair of cabin attendant shoes.Subsequently, there is increased interest over what the airline is like to work for; inquiries about pay and overall curiosity regarding the company. Z was the orthopedic specialist that I was assigned to back in April when my ankle snapped during a kiteboarding accident one Monday afternoon.Although, I have never mentioned the company […] The distinct piano notes, interrupted by beats and lyrics, carried a clear message through the dimly lit Parisian apartment. Let’s have a toast for the scumbags…Runaway as fast as you can. Runaway.” I may not have run fast, but more than one person I […] “Well, I’ve never seen that happen before, but with your ankle, anything is possible,” Dr. For some reason, over the course of recovery, my ankle […] Editor’s Note— Sara is one of the most inspiring and strong women I know.I’ve tried my fair share of flight attendant shoes and here is a review of Airline Shoes— the inflight shoe brand that I am currently enjoying. Maybe I underestimated you and for sure you’ve overestimated me.I assumed that you would have the capacity to think of me as more than a flight attendant fling or uncommitted counterpart.He won accolades for keeping Stryker's performance steady as the market for orthopedics stalled amid federal probes and the economic downturn.“You do realize that— as long as you work for this company— any relationship you choose to be in will be long distance, right? Most people think that the greatest perks of an aviation lifestyle center around the intoxicating whirlwind of the best cities and places. That can be a benefit, but honestly, it’s not the reason you should envy a pilot’s or a flight attendant’s job.

[…] The hurt reminiscent of a break-up claws deep within me; begging for an avenue of escape.

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As previously told Business Insider, it's understandable for people who share atypical hours, intense demands and responsibilities, and a distinct way of life that goes with their occupation to marry each other.

"It may feel more workable to marry someone who shares the same kind of schedule, rather than having to constantly explain the demands of one's position to a partner or spouse who works in a different profession," he said.

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