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Warm regards Ralph and Parvathi On 30 January 2017 Jo wrote: Hi Gareth Thanks so much.I thought I would just let you know that everything went perfectly, and it was an unexpectedly pleasant trip.Kind regards Wilma On 09 January 2017 Martin wrote: Hallo Gareth.

“: “According to witnesses, the man had just attacked and raped a 17-year-old girl at his table, but apparently considered the incident so trivial that he had not even tried to flee. This is not about trashing a beautiful country or belittling those who live there; it’s my story, my experience. I do have an opinion and I will express it; I may not live in South Africa but I am South African – heart, mind and soul – and I have family and friends who live there every day. not being able to walk around at night; being afraid to let my car idle in my driveway; treating red robots as stop streets; waiting for a taxi or drunk driver to smash me and my car into oblivion; always the worry of theft, hijack, rape, AIDS and even murder; living in fear of my fellow man… When I arrived in the UK (literally hours after) I realised how abnormal my version of normal was – and it took extricating myself from the context to realise.By no means do I live in safety – I live in London; there’s knife crime, vandalism and a hooligan lurking around every corner.The security at all stations, and on the train, was second to none. Most members of the staff were very helpful and my daughter and I enjoyed the trip.We were late arriving at Cape Town, but we were informed about this by the train manager so it wasn’t unexpected. Thanks, Jo Mockford *PS: Johannesburg and Cape Town stations were both clean and safe – very nice.

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