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Anonymous It is a gradual process which has already been taking place for many years, starting with early feminists which won the most basic rights for women.

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More women than men will have degrees and more of them will have decent white collar jobs but too many societies in too many parts of the world are too deeply rooted in religious customs that are a couple of thousand years old for us to accept a matriarchy.

Just how will women leaders deal with these problems.

Interesting times,and at only 18 years old,i hope to see how it will work In our time women have proved that they can do anything men can do in the world of business, politics and sports.

Anonymous That is because liberals only pretend to advocate the advancement of women and minorities, their agenda is strictly to exploit those people for political gain. should men have the right to vote, or should males even have jobs or handle money? i think most of us boys are way too opinionated, really...

The whole pretense put forward by liberals is completely phony. It seems we males make nothing but trouble when we do things that take thought and responsibility--obviously because we are not really capable of either. we should listen more and try not to forget that we are in the presence of women....

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