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It’s on one hand brilliant for rubbernecking and on the other, it’s a painful kick in the teeth that reminds you that they’re moving on and…you’re not.The most common issues centre around: Trying to be the Good Girl/Good Guy and stay friends and then feeling entirely uncomfortable with watching them move on.Remember: There was once a time when we didn’t have to watch our ex parade their new piece around virtually or have to watch our backs online…was only a few years ago!Get over this ‘let’s be friends’ malarky Many of us are obsessed with being The Good Girl (or The Good Guy) so of course when you break up, you make the shady decision to be friends.After experiencing massive growth in the last few years, it’s causing sleepless nights, compulsive urges, and arguments about being insensitive or why they were snooping around in your business in the first place.Before, where you could break up in private, by opening yourself up to ‘sharing’ information about your life on Facebook, it means that you have to go through what can be quite a public and often painful process of breaking up online.Even if you do find yourself uncomfortable you can always hide their updates from your newsfeed. It’s one thing to have gone out with them in the first place but trying to hold on to an assclown and expect a friendship from them is like trying to make a crumb into a loaf in a relationship – not going to happen.Another instance where you can stay friends with your ex on Facebook is if you’re not a regular user – you’re unlikely to be privy to their updates. Don’t worry about what they’ll think; it’s time to start worrying about what they opt not to have a Facebook profile (too much evidence) but do find ways to check up on you via mutual friends.

If you’re obsessed with checking your ex’s movements on Facebook, it’s not Facebook causing you pain – it’s you!Unless you have to see your ex each day (I had to sit across the office from one of mine), the less reminders you have of them the.That means shutting out access to your ex on the likes of Facebook because whether it’s that you couldn’t cope with their updates the first, fifth or twentieth time, or they’re interfering in your life, or mutual friends are creating discomfort, you need space from them on Facebook too.I’ve always said – the reason why we want to stay friends with an ex is so that we can 1) not feel so bad (either that we’re not an assclown or that we’re not friend worthy), 2) keep tabs on them and 3) hopefully show them what they’re missing.Facebook has become the 21st century way of doing the insincere ‘let’s be friends’ after a breakup.

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