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The first Ammi barges that became SF were brought-in on 25 June 1969. ADM Zumwalt and the Vietnamese intended to build a permanent shore base at Nam Can.

Once the barges were setup and anchored in place, the Seabees and the construction firm of RMK-BJR started building the shore base.

The nearest boat is a modified LCPL (landing craft personnel, large) and the rear boat is a Light SEAL Support Craft or LSSC. The first MST detachment at Nam Can was John Engstrom's.

We used them for everything under the sun on the rivers of RVN -- from portable piers, to helicopter landing pads, to fuel and ammo points, to mobile, floating artillery bases, to Advanced Tactical Support Bases -- you name it and the Ammi barge did it. Earlier I sent you a brief write-up on the inventor of the Ammi pontoon or barge.The river current carried away the sand shoreline almost as fast as it was offloaded.The Seabees had to drive interlocking steel pilings to retain the sand from being swept out by the current. AMMI barges were named after their designer at Nav Sea's Carderock Division, Dr. (Information thanks to Lee Wahler.) Ammi barges were tied together, anchored and anchored in the rivers to form Advanced Tactical Support Bases. The below photos show the arrangement at BREEZY COVE and SEA FLOAT.Some of that information was incorrect and I'm correcting the historical record.

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