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She arrived as usual, in a short little pleated skirt with black tights and tall boots. " I asked, sipping my soda and pulling a couple books out of my backpack. " Holly scrunched up her face in the cutest way a girl can, and started to explain her experiment to me. "Basically, you'd be giving me complete control of your sex for one whole month. You'll just need to get used to it." This was spiraling into some pretty unknown territory. This is all a little much," I said, unsure what to say. Although she didn't know it, I was dangerously close to the margin of losing my scholarship. I would have gotten down and licked her boots in front of the entire restaurant had she asked me. I had already clicked the lock shut, and Holly held all the keys. " Holly squeaked on the other side of the bathroom door. It sounded good on paper, but this is more intense than I thought it'd be," I admitted, my cock twitching with each breath.

Unknown to anyone else, I had a huge fetish for tights/hosiery/pantyhose, so it was a little distracting hanging out with her alone sometimes. "Well, I need help with a special project I'm doing for my psychology class. You'd need to keep a journal of the experience while I offer the objective observation. Unknown to Holly, I was kinky guy into bondage, light pain, and a few other things, but wearing a chastity device? "Well, if you do this, I'm sure I could talk my professor into giving you some honorary credit for participating. I was hovering around 3.75 and if I dropped even a hundredth of a percent, I wouldn't be able to afford college. We were in her dorm room, which actually had an attached bathroom. I have to see it, and that waiver you signed says you have to let me," Holly said. "Chastity looks like it'll be very uncomfortable for you! "Subject instantly regrets agreement," Holly said to herself standing up.

All I could smell or taste was her feet in pantyhose, which of course caused constant erection attempts by my cock that were instantly extinguished by the tiny plastic cage holding my cock prisoner.

"I guess you just really need to think about how you're going to deal with that cock cage day and night for the next thirty days, especially with me around constantly teasing you with my hosiery and boots. In fact, I think it'd be fun to see you kiss my boots in the middle of the student courtyard, wouldn't you agree?

Psh, you have no free will anymore, not with that cock all locked up.

I have a feeling you'd anything I ask, especially if there's a chance to smell my pantyhosed feet afterwards." She was right, I was descending into a level of submissiveness I hadn't explored before, a level of total and complete obedience beyond reason.

"Gee, I ask you to take my boots off and now you can't sit still? " she said, suddenly lifting her foot from my hand and pushing her toes against my nose. I didn't know you had these other fetishes going on, I figured you were just a straight laced sort of guy and this chastity thing wouldn't be a big deal. I mean, look how open and honest you're being with me after only an hour of chastity.

I sat perfectly still, inhaling her scent while enduring the intense pressure from the cock cage, precum dribbling out and onto the floor. This goes beyond sexuality, this touches on personal identity. " She lightly kicked my cock cage, causing a spasm of intense pressure, but no pleasure.

In fact, I was fidgeting so much, Holly finally noticed. " "I don't know, I figured you wouldn't be into it." "Psh, why do you think I wear tights and pantyhose all the time? Unfortunately, this means your thirty days are going to be torture. Your cock is mine for thirty days, and I'm already getting some great data.In fact, you don’t even need to give a email address!You just create an account and watch cam guys for 100% free." Holly said in her cute little voice, allowing me to taste and smell her feet while she continued to work. "And just so you know, you can expect to be my little footstool going forward.

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